Ipo Pharr of Lowtops--Interview Pt. 2

Welcome to the second installment of our Lowtops interview featuring Ipo Pharr, the extra-terrestrial songstress we didn’t know we needed.

AA: So talk to me about your new music! You’re playing the new stuff on this tour, right?

IP: Yes! We’re basically playing the entire EP on this run, plus one more song we’re hoping to release after the EP comes out digitally.

AA: And you have hard copies available right now for anyone who comes to a show, right?

IP: Yeah! Kinda like pre-sale for anyone comes out. You can have it first!

AA: VIP’s only bih [both laugh hysterically because we are so funny]

IP: And I sold my first five last night!


IP: And we sold a few sweater and shirts!

[for those of you who don’t know, Ipo makes ALL their merch from upcycled garments]

I wasn’t expecting to sell anything last night, the room wasn’t exactly full when we started, but the venue is all glass windows and you can see and hear from the street…

AA: ...People heard your angelic voice and just couldn’t stay away…

IP: ...And they started to come in! To see people dancing and looking and engaging with us… the boys asked me if I was crying on stage! I’m getting emotional thinking about it right now because I’m just so grateful.

AA: It means a lot to you! This is something you’ve been working towards for a really long time!

IP: [choking up a lil bit] ...It’s just like… I can’t believe it’s happening.

AA: It’s like validation for all the years of hard work you’ve been putting in.

IP: It feels so good.

AA: [embracing] I’m so happy for you. That’s why I immediately texted you when I found out you were coming here. I was like,

“I need to be involved in this in one way or another!”

IP: You’re so amazing. I thought about you too, I wanted to talk to you about doing something on the EP after the tour…

AA: We can do that too!

IP:... But I’m so glad you reached out. To have you offer your place is so heartwarming.

AA: And honestly I just wanted to hang out with you person-to-person, because technically we’ve been friends for a couple years now but we’ve really only hung out at Cali Roots two years ago.

IP: And that was so brief!

AA: Like ten minutes. I think that’s another beautiful thing about our little community of music…

IP: There’s a connection and it’s real.

AA: Yes!

IP: It’s not fleeting and it’s not just small talk.

AA: I don’t think I’ve had small talk in any capacity with anyone at any show or festival. It’s always like,

“Doesn’t this song give you goosebumps?” or “Remember that time we met at that show and became BFF’s?” or “Let’s talk about the path the universe has laid out for us” or “Did we just fall in love?”

Normal stuff like that.

[My daughter re-enters the room wet from head-to-toe and we take a mini break]

AA: But yeah, this little community and circle of people is… so inclusive and so warm.

IP: That’s what I loved about it when I first saw Hirie grow when she first came out. I was blown away by the support and the love and how everyone was down to share songs and upcoming shows. It feels like a family <3

Stay tuned next week for Pt. 3 where we talk about creative inspiration and intellectual property