ROOTS 101 | Notting Hill Carnavale History with Sonny Blacks, Randy Valentine & The Expanders

“Out of the rubble, came the rebel”

Welcome back to our second installment of ROOTS 101! I know I said I was going to do it weekly, but just bear with me. We will get these going more regularly, I promise. This segment is brought to you by John Henry, drummer for The Expanders.

So this video is narrated by Sonny Blacks, Trinidad native and founding father of Notting Hill Carnavale. He explains the entire history of how Trinidadian Carnavale was integrated into the Caribbean community in England back in the sixties, the struggles endured to keep it alive and how it came to be the largest celebration of international culture, costume, music and dance.

“We brought music and we brought life”

Featuring the song “Rubble Rebel (Champion)” performed by Randy Valentine & The Expanders and taken from the album Thanks For Life produced by WalshyFire of Major Lazer, this micro-documentary offers a firsthand glimpse into the rebirth of Carnavale through the eyes of someone who was actually there. Pretty neat. I loved this, tell me what you think xx Allie