BLESSED Track "Money Don't Grow Pon Trees" Nominated For a Juno

The song nominated for Best Reggae Recording of the Year, “Money Don’t Grow Pon Trees”, comes from the album Thanks For Life produced and recorded by Walshy Fire and The Expanders, the same album that appears in my previous post covering Randy Valentine’s “Rubble Rebel” (Champion).

This album is really cool because all 13 songs are the same “riddim” (I feel like an absolute mayo demon typing that, but that’s what John Asher called it so that’s what I’m calling it!) and different artists give it their own twist. You know what, I’m going to let John tell you:

“We just did a very ‘Jamaican’-type project…

Basically all these artists bust on the same track, but flip it to make it their own…”

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the a Juno, they are awards presented by the CARAS (Canadian of Recording Arts and Sciences) and represent the pinnacle of musical excellence in Canada, just like a Grammy does here in the good ole’ US of A.

Anyway, just listen to it. Love ya xx