INTERVIEW BONUS: Really Just Us Shooting The Shit and Gassing Up Vana For Fifteen Minutes

By now you know I did a super long and awesome multi-part interview series with Peter Dante and Vana Liya, aka the odd couple aka father/daughter aka the new stars of the rebooted Carol Burnett Show. I’m just kidding about the show part, although that would be cool. My point is, their dynamic is fucking awesome and hilarious and warm. And that’s why I wanted to share this last bit because is doesn’t really belong in the main interview (cause we’re just shooting the shit), but it is meaningful nonetheless. Enjoy.

AA: And that’s what’s cool… Vana, you’re really good at what you do and a little mentoring from someone like him will help you in a lot of ways. And, like he was just saying, you’re going to bring a little youth into his life, too. Teach him all the cool, hip slang and stuff like that

VL: We’ll make him a cool kid soon, I promise

PD: Oh god [groans] after I chop this fuckin’ mop

AA: You’re going to cut your hair? Don’t do that

VL: Yeah, that’s what I’m saying

PD: I’m not. Actually you know what I’m going to do? It’s going to get really colored in Hawaii and I’m going to let it grow all through the summer.

AA: Do it

PD: That’s what’s happening. Just decided that one!

VL: Nice

PD: I swear, being my age and having those around me my age―they can’t stand it [my hair]. But my kids? And all the kids on my lacrosse team I coach? They like it. And if the old people think I’m some guy from the seventies… I’m not

VL: That’s your disclaimer?

PD: ―I’m a guy from the future. I’m friends with like Jimmy Neutron and Dexter

VL: Oh dude, you are behind like two decades on cartoons

PD: ―Samurai Jack. I love those cartoons

VL: Those are cartoons from when I was growing up

PD: Yeah, I know that! Jake’s 21, close enough.

[chatter about our kids for five minutes. Followed by the name Vana would give her own weed strain if she got one―MariVana]

AA: I need another guitar pick keychain, Vana, by the way

VL: Oh dude I have a bunch, I’ll send one to you

AA: The Vana Liya logo was starting to wear off so I put it on my shelf

VL: Put to good use! I’ll show you the new ones I’m working on, they’re a lot doper I think you might like them

AA: I love me some merch

PD: Allie, isn’t my daughter talented? She’s so talented

AA: She is talented and hard-working and beautiful and just an all-around good human

VL: Thank you, I really enjoyed our conversation guys. Good vibes for sure

PD: That’s very true, Nirvana. I mean Va―I can’t call you that, sorry

VL: Call me whatever you want

PD: ―It’s very true about you, Junior. And you know I love you with all my heart and soul and whatever you lack in size you definitely make up for in chutzpah which is a great Yiddish term annnd you have gall, also another great Yiddish term AND your heart and soul are connected to your gut, where they belong so your mind can just chill like it should. You be you, and fly free, because you have to… to create the way I want you to create, keep flying free, my love. Alright?

VL: Love you

AA: Same, same, ditto. So proud of you, Vana, seriously

VL: Thank you, you guys are awesome

AA: You’re the shit and deserve everything

VL: I’m just excited. I feel like everytime I wake up something new and awesome happens and I’m like, “holy shit, this is the best day of my life” then it happens again the next day. There’s just so many awesome things to take in and I feel like a lot of people are so focused on all these future plans… but like, what about the now? And these little ‘now’ moments are milestone moments. Eventually you’re going to get to a point where you’ve [achieved] those plans and then what do you do? You’ve already done what you wanted to do. I just feel like these little stepping stones―things I never thought would happen to me in a million years―like I never thought in a million years that, I don’t know, I’d ever be interviewed or I would make a song with Dante and the fact that these things are happening is just like… it’s things I want to take in and cherish right now

AA: You’re humble and that why the good things come to you, ya know

PD: Yeah, babe, and that’s the organic growth of the universe and you deserve that and way more, wayyy more. So know that and be aware of that so you can take it all in and flourish

And Allie! Aloha, mahalo! I think it’s so fucken awesome we have so many close people right there, you know what I mean

AA: I know it’s so rad

VL: You’re basically family, Allie

AA: It was really fun, you guys. Much love to both of you

PD: Thank you, Allie!

VL: Love you both

AA: Love you!