My Immediate Reaction To Each Song On The Movement's New Album

Okay so as we all know, The Movement released their brand new album “Ways of the World” Friday and it’s sooo good. Not only did I want to commemorate the event because, one: I’ve been waiting for this album for everrr and I’m giddy. And two: I’m trying to blog more. I’m going forward with new way or writing, sort of. I’m just going to stop taking it so seriously and write more casually and off-the-cuff instead of pretending like every article is going into Rolling Stone (that's coming, but not yet). So instead of doing an entire review that takes like four hours literally all I did this time around was write down a few of my very first thoughts about each song as I listened to the album. So yeah enjoy. Or don’t.

The Movement
Ways Of The World

  1. “Ways Of The World”

    311 vibes. Dreamy. Is this about getting fucked up? Or hating your job…? Living life to the fullest?

  2. “Redwoodz” (ft. Iya Terra)

    Sensual AF chorus. I can’t not dance to this. Iya Terra heavy as usual. A whole unit.

  3. “Take Me To The Ocean”

    Hello, Calypso! New song of summer :) Piano solo at the end is the best part.

  4. “Orange Sky”

    Tinkly, floaty, dreamy. Similar to “Ways Of The World”. First-thing-in-the-morning-jam. OMG a flute!? Who dat?

  5. “Diamond” (ft. Jacob Hemphill of SOJA)

    Sweet lil love song, if a little generic.

  6. “Siren” (ft. Stick Figure)

    Yasss. I’ve listened to this song at least 100 times and I will listen to it ten thousand more. Scott’s voice is like velvet. An anthem.

  7. “Life Is A Circle”

    You’re going to cry. Don’t fight it.

  8. “The Great Discovery”

    Alan Watts monologue intro is so cool. And HELLO DRUMS! Gary, you’re killing it. Best song yet.

  9. “Honey”

    Reminds me of sweaty, late night summertime dancing. Music for your hips. Is that synth? idk I like it.

  10. “Loud Enough”

    I MUST SEE THIS LIVE. Also why do I feel warm & fuzzy? Grade A buildup and drop.

  11. “Cool Me Down”

    Can’t tell if ocean is metaphor for a woman or not? No, it’s the actual ocean. In love with all these piano outtros (sp?)

  12. “Break In The Glass” (ft. Chali 2Na & Jurassic 5)

    That beat though. Massively heavy. New best song.

  13. “Remember (The Return”)

    First part sounds like a movie soundtrack. So beautiful. Light up ya lighter. Extended interlude is magic.

Tell me what you think now. Come on. You guys never comment. Love me.